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14 Oct '14

Hasselblad Photography Award & ParisPhoto ApertureFoundation Photobook Award

Posted by Tomoki Matsumoto in info

Miyako Ishiuchi won this year of Hasselblad Photography Award.
This award is called Nobel Prize of Photography, one of the most delighted award of photography world. The book From Hiroshima is published as commemoration of this prize, and it can say that this book is one of the most astonishing works of her. She has been working on photographing the personal belongings - clothes, watches, shoes, etc- which survived Hiroshima atomic bombing in 1945 since 2007(Her first Hiroshima book was published in 2008 from Shueisha).

Have you every heard of the great project returning thousands of the photos which swept away by the tsunami in 2011?
In one small town Yamamoto-cho, 60km away from Fukushima nuclear, over 700,000 photos were founded in the ground after the tsunami. Not only the photos, but also houses, cars, personal belonging of local people were swept away, so they want to get back something personal, as you can imagine. Then, the project, Salvage Memory, started to clean up each photos, digitalized them to make its archive so people can find their photos online. At this point, 2 and half year passed, over 400,000 photos are back to the original owners. Still, the returning photos are on going, and also since 2012, LOST&FOUND Project has started. This L&F Project is showing the photos which is severely damaged to identify the family around the world. The show traveled Japan, USA, Italy, Spain, Australia, Korea,,, and will travel around the world. They are very beautiful, but behind that, you can find lots of stories. This book, Tsunami, Photographs, and Then - Lost&Found Project , provides you such stories and details of the project. Written in ENG and JPN by Munemasa Takahashi, the project director. Must-read.