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25 Nov '14

Ready for Christmas??

Posted by Tomoki Matsumoto in info


Dear friends of T&M Projects,

It is a bit too early to say Merry Christmas, but we, today, want to tell you something on Christmas.

Ready for Christmas??

We know that some of you(hope it is all of you though) give a book to your special persons as a Christmas present. We do love this situation.
This year, you may want to get a book from Japan,,,, just guessing, but we would be very happy if it is true. So, we decided that for this year's Christmas season, we would like to offer you that all the shipping will be 1,000 JPY for each copy.(a few excluded, sorry…)  For example, 1 book order = 1,000 JPY, 2 books order 2,000 JPY… You may think this still is expensive, but it is cheap actually. And recently, Japanese Yen is really cheap, so we think now is the time for you to buy books from Japan:)
Everybody tells us that the shipping from Japan is very expensive!! If this reason keeps you away from Japanese books, it is very very sad thing for us. So we hope that this campaign would help you to make your(or your special person's) shelf more wonderful!!

Thank you very much for reading, and here is instruction of this offer:

1. Please send an email to info*at*tandmprojects.com with your name, shipping address, telephone number, and the title of the book you want.

2. We will send you the invoice via PayPal. You can pay by PayPal or your creditcard.

3. All the shipping will be done on 8 Dec. The shipping will need 2-3 weeks to most of the area in the world, which means you would get the book before Christmas, but NOTE that because this is international shipping, so for some reasons, it would take much longer than 2-3 weeks to your country, so we CANNOT guarantee you get the book before 24 Dec. We apologize in advance you for this inconvenience.

Because the books listed down below are very very heavy, so we cannot give you 1,000 JPY shipping offer. But we are happy to ask you very cheap shipping for them.
*Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life… 6,000 JPY shipping.
*Rasen Kaigan album by Lieko Shiga… 2,000 JPY shipping
*Dance by Seiji Shibuya… 2,000 JPY shipping
*Japan Sea by Shunji Dodo … 2,000 JPY shipping
*Our Face by Ken Kitano… 1500 JPY shipping
The rest of the books … 1000 JPY shipping

Thank you very much for your order in advance.
Have nice November, December, and CHRISTMAS!!