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Blind Date by Lieko Shiga

Blind Date by Lieko Shiga


Blind Date by Lieko Shiga

364 x 257mm | 100page | Japanese bound softcover housed in a printed special box
Design : Daishiro Mori

Published by T&M Projects, June 2017

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It was the summer of 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand, that Shiga photographed couples on motorbikes.

In this city Shiga exchanged glances with hundreds and thousands of people on the back seat of motorbikes. The camera seemed to be the ideal tool for getting closer to that strange feeling of receiving glances without physically connecting with them.

She continued for a week and managed to photograph around 100 couples.

Continuing to exchange glances with unknown strangers had an effect on her and she felt as though she was rediscovering the sense of wildness that resided in the depths of her heart. It was a rich experience, as if she was touching something very sensual.

 How much does the eye control us?

"I was told that I cannot see.
Does the reason for this relate to a previous life that I can no longer recall?
I wanted to know the truth, so I attended university and learned about many religions around the world.
Many, many things were said about life and death, but I felt uncomfortable about all of them.
They didn’t quite match how I am."
--- from the text Blind Date

Born in 1980, Aichi prefecture of Japan. Since 2008, Shiga moved to Miyagi in 2008, and has been working there.  Blind Date is the first book since Shiga’s legendary  Rasen Kaigan album (2013, Akaaka) was published.