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Golden Week : Special Free Shipping (29 April - 8 May)

Thank you very much always.

In Japan, we have Golden Week(GW), a bit long holidays, from 29 April to 8 May. We take your order during GW, but as we close our office, all the shipping for GW orders would be after this holidays. Sorry for this inconvenience.

BUT, we want to enjoy this holidays with you. And we would like to offer free shipping of the following titles;

* FISH-MAN by Masaru Tatsuki (signed, only 15 copies)

* Laying Stones by Munemasa Takahashi (signed, only 15 copies)

* MONUMENTS by Takashi Arai (signed, only 15 copies)

* GEGOU by Ikuro Suzuki (signed, only 10 copies)

* LIM by Taiji Matsue (signed, only 10 copies)


For this special campaign, the way of order is different from usual online shopping.

For your shopping, please email to us: info@tandmprojects.com

With your detail;

your name, shipping address, tel, and the book what you want.

We will reply you as we take your order (it may take 2-3days to answer though).


Thank you very very much!!


Free shipping offer for international customers!!

We are very happy to announce that we offer Free Shipping for Tomoko Sawada’s latest two titles; Kawaii and Facial Signature. Thanks to the publisher’s cooperation, this offer has been realized.
We have limited copies for this service, so please don’t miss it.
We are pretty sure that these beautiful books would attract you very much.

Thank you very much!